Tech employers are now placing higher value on emotional intelligence and soft skills than technical expertise, according to a new report by recruitment agency Randstad Technologies.

Randstad analysed tech job vacancies placed on their website and found employers in the technology sector are increasingly looking for candidates with soft skills.

Soft skills provide a profound impact on business

Both emotional intelligence and soft skills, such as being self aware and having the ability to interact with others, are now being sought after just as much as technical experience.

According to Randstad’s findings, tech employers are now placing higher value on the following:

• Team work (66%)
• Communication (43%)
• Organisation (28%)
• Time management (22%)
• Problem solving (11%)
• Leadership (10%)
• Interpersonal skills (8%)
• Relationship building (6%)
• Negotiation (4%)

The report found that employers highly regard team players and those that have the ability to work well and communicate with others.
Managing Director of Randstad Technologies, Ruth Jacobs, explained that businesses require both expertise and a sound soft skillset in order to “stay competitive and ensure long-term success”.

The most recent research conducted by the Development of Economics Group estimated that soft skills are worth a total of £88 billion every year to businesses, she said.

Jacobs described the impact of soft skills on businesses as “profound” because they allow employers to respond to clients and manage deadlines.

Personality traits are central

Randstad also found employers would list certain personality traits they were seeking alongside qualifications and soft skills.
These included being effective (31%), passionate (18%), flexible (15%), accurate (14%), driven (8%) and enthusiastic (5%) with showing initiative (9%) another key trait sought by employers.

Jacobs explained that when employers receive a large amount of impressive CVs “having the right attitude can differentiate [one candidate] from the crowd”.

Professional success is no longer just about having the qualifications; it’s also about personality too.

Are you a recent graduate? Do you have the right soft skills and personality traits for the tech sector?