Companies are becoming more and more comfortable with hiring graduates and are increasingly aware of the benefits if done successfully.

If a business can accommodate employing them, and implement a structured model for training and realistic opportunities for them to progress, then a number of tangible rewards become available.

A recent review of the graduate market from High Fliers detailed how the number of graduate vacancies on offer from the UK’s leading employers has continued to rise – recruitment is expected to reach record levels in 2016.

The research found that many employers – including a leading consumer goods company and two IT and technology employers – have invested more resources and budget to attract university leavers.

What can they offer?

Graduates do not tend to come with the typical baggage of some more experienced potential employees, more and more universities harness the ability to self-learn, which can be perfect for a forward-thinking company.

Given how fast things change within most businesses now, experience is also becoming less vital. Instead it is more important to have flexible employees who can learn and adapt quickly.

It can be hard for employers to gauge between strong enthusiasm and realism, but if the company can provide the structure to give graduates the tools needed to progress and earn promotions, then you should be able to build a team of motivated, invested staff.

Employer’s aims

The High Fliers report also found that employers were aiming to achieving diversity and social mobility targets, making it more of a priority than it was a year ago as they seek to recruit graduates from a wider range of backgrounds and circumstances.

Graduate recruiters also confirmed they were focussed on improving students’ perceptions of their organisations in a bid to up their profile and improve the quality of those that they recruit.

This increased investment highlights a growing awareness of the need to recruit and retain the best talent in the workplace.

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