Meeting candidates

The introduction of technology has meant the vast majority of a job application process is now online, as firms post vacancies to job boards and candidates apply via email with their CVs and cover letters.

Some firms also conduct video interviews as a screening process, but what does it all mean for traditional means of finding employees, such as job fairs for example?

Although the process may appear outdated, such events remain a vital resource for businesses looking to locate and attract the best talent.

For example, hundreds of people turned up to a careers event at the UK Carnival of Arts centre this month in a bid to find employment or their next step on the career ladder. The event featured 32 employers, all actively looking for new staff.

Before there was pressure to adopt technology, job fairs were seen as important networking events where organisations, both big and small, could market themselves to candidates, and talented job seekers had the opportunity to sell themselves to businesses.

Access to a large number of candidates

The opportunity for an organisation to meet a large number of candidates in a one-stop environment can be invaluable, particularly with the competition to secure the best talent so high.

One of the effects of the recruitment process becoming more technological is that very few get the chance to have face-to-face interaction; as businesses would much rather have two or three screening processes before asking job seekers to come in for an interview.

For many, the career fair can be a fantastic initial screening of talent, which can then be used to see who requires a more intimate and formal interview. For candidates, it gives them the opportunity to show off their credentials face-to-face, which can be a lot easier than through a cover letter and CV.

Build brand awareness

A job fair is also the perfect way for a company to get its name out in a positive light and encourage talented job seekers to consider them. It can be difficult for organisations to be able to have a conversation with real people, rather than their CV’s, but a job fair provides the perfect opportunity.

In the brief time a company is at the fair, hundreds or even thousands of people will set their eyes on and interact with the company, making it the perfect opportunity to market the organisation and create some excellent connections to build a pipeline of new talent.

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