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Leadership Programmes

Leadership in a changing landscape requires leaders to shift away from a position of being the “problem solvers” who deal with the challenges. Instead, leaders must move towards a position where they display higher levels of agility and interpersonal capability, and enable others to anticipate, engage and make progress in a dynamic world.

Leaders must understand and be accountable for being ‘learner role models’, embedding these habits and behaviours in their own leadership style, whilst inspiring their teams and networks to do the same.

As part of their commitment to your future, RS Components are offering you the chance to enrol on Discovery’s apprenticeship programmes, designed to develop leadership skills.

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I was very excited about the course, I was really interested to learn more about myself and behaviours of others, what I didn’t expect was to come away and truly be looking at myself and how I can be much better in such a thoughtful and self-challenging way. I will be doing everything I can to keep myself in this space as I believe it will really help me develop as a leader and as an individual.

Louise Kirk

Head of Internal Sales UK at RS Components

Overview of the programmes

These programmes are a catalyst for change. With a better understanding of yourself you will learn to inspire and lead others, gaining skills and knowledge to develop exceptional leadership capability, and advance your career.

Aligned to the Operations/Departmental Manager Level 5 apprenticeship standard, we provide two programme pathways dependent on your role and level of experience:

The ‘Aspiring Leaders’ pathway is designed to  provide high-potential, future leaders with the skills, knowledge and behaviours that will stretch you and help you to reach your full potential. 

The ‘Empowered Leaders’ pathway is designed to enhance and cultivate the capabilities of those in existing management roles. This pathway will provide you with essential knowledge, skills & insight to directly improve your effectiveness as a leader.

The pathways are accredited Level 5 apprenticeships designed to improve your understanding of:

  • Organisational Performance – delivering results
  • Interpersonal Excellence – managing people and developing relationships
  • Personal Effectiveness – managing self
  • Behavioural Impact – the perceptions and effects of behaviour
Tech Devices
Experiential Learning
Virtual training
Time Management Model

Across the duration of the course, you will experience:

A group induction to on-board you to the programme
Blended learning through virtual, experiential & classroom sessions
Taking part in real-world scenarios and business simulations
1-2-1 support and coaching throughout the programme
Self-development through online learning and webinars
Building upon your learnings back in the workplace