Nine in ten UK employees would be less likely to leave their current role with an SME if their current employer provided training and development, according to a new study by CV-Library.

The study of 2,300 employees – including graduates – looked at how the UK’s professionals feel about training and development opportunities available in their workplace.

A desire to learn

A staggering 93% of employees said they would feel a great deal more valued if an employer offered them development opportunities while two thirds of graduates and professionals would even go as far as to accept a lower salary if their employer sponsored them for a recognised qualification.

Seven in ten of those surveyed would even fund their own training if it would lead them to land their dream job in the future.

However, while there seems a clear desire to learn and develop at work, the survey did highlight a large amount of dissatisfaction with what employers currently offer their staff.

Almost three-quarters (73.1%) are disappointed with the training opportunities available at work and only 26.9% feel completely satisfied.

The most satisfied sectors which gained opportunities in training and progression were social work, medical professions and customer services.

Training is essential to get ahead

The desire for training doesn’t just stem from ideas of personal progression; respondents also feel it is an essential skill for the modern job market.

A massive 88% of those questioned firmly believe that training is needed to stay ahead of technology changes and keep abreast of advancements within each sector but are concerned by the lack of opportunities.

An employee majority of 94.3% believe UK businesses need to improve their training as almost half (43.4%) said their workplaces simply don’t provide it.

Lee Biggins, Founder and Managing Director of CV-Library, said that learning new things keeps employees engaged within the workplace and provides professionals with opportunities to progress – something which can be beneficial to all businesses.

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