There are now twice as many jobs available in UK as at the same point a year ago, according to new data.

The UK Job Market Report from Adzuna has revealed there are currently two job openings to every jobseeker. The ratio of those seeking work to available vacancies has fallen to 0.54 this year, a massive difference to last year’s October 2014 figures, which came in at 0.95.

This is great news for graduates as there is now less competition in the marketplace and more job opportunities available.

Good will

It’s certainly the season to be jolly for jobseekers as festive jobs are also on the rise. Research in October revealed an increase of 4.3% in job openings when compared to September – the fastest month-on-month rise since June 2013. Customer service roles are growing the quickest in both size and salary. There are now 44% more available positions available today than there was a year ago, with salaries rising by 4%.

Co-founder of Adzuna, Doug Monro, suggested that customer service roles have been underpaid for a period of time, although he stated that the new National Living Wage should benefit workers in the sector most.

Flexible Options

There is also greater flexibility surrounding many of job positions available, offering a wider range of options for those wishing to travel or sign up to work experience post graduating. Both part-time and temporary options can act as a lifeline to individuals wishing to increase their income.

The Right Skills

However, having the right skills remains essential, according to Mr Munro. “Twice as many jobs should mean twice as many choices for jobseekers – but this is only true for those with the right skills,” he said.

Making efforts to boost skill sets should therefore be a priority for graduates as the New Year approaches, as having a wider range of skills can open up even greater opportunities.

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