Flexible working is becoming more popular amongst employers as a third now offer schemes for staff, according to new research.

Monster.co.uk claims that more and more companies – including organisations such as Acas, an organisation devoted to preventing and resolving employment disputes – are starting to discuss the idea of incorporating flexible schemes into their employee benefits as they focus on retention and ensuring their staff are happy and engaged.

Despite its increasing popularity, nearly half (46%) of employers still do not have one in place at all, with some slow to cater for new rules which allow all employees with 26 weeks or more service to make a request for flexible working.

A report on ‘Flexible working provision and uptake’ conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that there is a link between flexible working, employee engagement and increased productivity.

It found that 72% of the employers surveyed believed that implementing flexible working practices had a positive impact on staff engagement, whilst 73% thought it had a positive impact on employee motivation.

More important than ever

For employers, having a flexible working scheme is now more important than ever as it can play a key role in the fight to retain talented employees, keeping them out of the clutches of competitors.

Flexible working has many advantages over operating with traditional office hours and it is now vital that employers ensure they are openly discussing the benefits of implementing it at their organisation.

Operating a scheme allows employees to ensure they have a good work-life balance, which in-turn impacts aspects such as workplace satisfaction.

Focusing on improving staff happiness can drastically improve their productivity, which will increase the performance of the business, making it a win-win situation for all involved.

The growth of technology has increased competitiveness within businesses and their competitors, allowing professionals the opportunity to make quick, informed decisions whilst on the move.

Such access has connected everyone together, meaning business opportunities can be opened or closed within just a few minutes, emphasising the need for companies to adapt. Offering employees training and the technology needed to work anywhere at any time, is just one example of this process in action.

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