The young British workforce is increasingly looking for employers who enshrine their business model in values and ethics, according to research from Global Tolerance.

Some 42% of the millennial workforce desire to work for an organisation that prides itself in its positive impact on the world and local community.

The new generation

From research of 2,000 young professionals, the consultancy firm found that 44% believed carrying out meaningful work that helped others was more important than a high salary. A further 36% noted they would work a great deal harder if their employer benefitted society.

Of those individuals interviewed that were born between 1981 and 1996 (the millennials), here are the facts:

  • 62% wanted to work for an employer that makes a positive impact
  • 50% prefer a job with a purpose rather than a high salary
  • 53% would work harder if they were helping others

However, this isn’t just limited to the younger workforce, according to Consultant Simon Cohen, as having a company that believes in making a difference can boost staff motivation as a whole.

He highlighted the need for a working culture that reflects the values wanted by staff, adding that it enhances motivation and means people “will bend over backwards for the things that they believe in”.

Presenting business values

The Resourcing Manager at National Grid, Sharon Goymer, commented that while it is great to have certain business values, it is important to ensure employees see and understand them.

She noted that the energy sector, in particular, is made up of older male employees and that in order to increase the diversity of the workforce and welcome the new generation, values and ethics must be presented.

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