IT graduates leaving university in search of a career in the industry will be pleased to know that cyber security jobs are on the rise across the UK, in the wake of a number of recent high-profile data breaches.

In fact, 14% of all new IT jobs being advertised are now in the cyber security sector – highlighting that protection against cybercrime is fast becoming a priority for many firms.

Cyber security roles soaring

Research from Procorre found that out of the 10,210 vacancies in the IT sector in Britain, 1,420 are now in cyber security – giving young graduate professionals the perfect opportunity to enter into the industry.

According to Wiktor Podforski, HR Manager at Procorre, proactive cyber security is growing at a fast pace across the UK.

With there currently being a global shortage of experienced and talented experts in cyber security – which has been highlighted since the recent number of high profile attacks – it’s now a priority for businesses to improve their cyber defences and they want to hire professionals to do this.

It’s no myth that data breaches can put companies both large and small in huge risk of more than just financial loss.

Calling for IT graduates

Cyber security is becoming crucial to today’s business world because if a hack is successful the firm will lose the trust of customers, due to their lack of ability to keep their information secure which ultimately causes their business to weaken.

In the last year alone the cyber security world has seen millions of Carphone Warehouse customers have their details exposed – along with the famous Sony hack which exposed everything from salary records to private emails.

As a result, firms are calling out for IT graduates looking to specialise in the world of cyber security – with the determination and eye for detail that’s needed.

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