Rather than facing a panel of intimidating interviewers, job applicants could soon be faced with a row of avatars.

New video interviewing software developed by The Phoenix Centre at the York St John University is able to simulate an interview, liaising and feeding back to candidates.

The software’s founder David Dewey explains that recent developments in technology mean that videos are now used more in all aspects of our lives and it is something that recruiters can take advantage of.

“By using an avatar to conduct the interview, our software ensures that the process is professional and consistent while also enabling the recruiting company to hire higher quality candidates as a result of using this innovative technology.”

It is thought that by utilising this new software, employers could save 43% compared to traditional screening methods.

However, even recruiters that aren’t willing to commit fully to using this software can still take advantage of video interviewing.

The majority of companies have two rounds of interviews before selecting a successful candidate. In most cases, the first round is a telephone interview before moving on to face-to-face interviews.

With the introduction of cheaper video conferencing, thanks to Skype, Google Hangout and other providers, it could be more beneficial to use video than the telephone for the first round of interviews.

Not only does video provide you with a more personal feel and better idea of who the candidate is, but it also allows for interviews to be recorded and reviewed at a later date.

Video conferencing has many benefits over telephone interviews and with this new technology saving even more time and money; it could be time for employers to make the switch.

Rather than spending numerous man hours sifting through applicants and interviewing candidates, employers may be able to improve their current recruitment process with video interviews.

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