A good employer brand can help a company stand out and it provides top talent with some compelling reasons to join the business over opting for competitors.

Employer brand describes how an organisation markets what it has to offer to potential and existing employees – a strong brand should ultimately connect a business’ values, strategy and policies together.

It is vital that an employer brand honestly reflects the organisation, and is completely transparent about what the company can offer and what it cannot. From the moment a potential employee begins to interact with the firm, the brand should be felt and should continue through the recruitment process and any time spent within the corporation.

Competition for talent means employers must ensure that potential employees view the company exactly how they would want it to be seen, meaning it is vital to get it right from the start of the recruitment process.

Essential part of attracting talent

For top businesses, a positive employer brand is an essential component to attract and retain top talent, mainly due to the fact that sourcing and keeping staff is one of the biggest challenges organisations face. Regular turnover also becomes a drain on financial resources.

With the skills gap widening, there is a growing awareness at businesses that companies not only need to manage their public image among customers and stockholders, but also the ‘word on the street’ amongst potential employees.

By understanding existing perceptions and the talent that the company is trying to attract, it can be easier to make a case as an employer. For example, if an organisation is looking to hire young, ambitious graduates then selling the journey, and the opportunity for career development can make the firm more appealing than competitors.

Maintaining a solid stance across the company is not just about attracting new talent; it also provides a compelling reason for the workforce not to look elsewhere. Given they have extensive knowledge and skills suited to a company, existing employees are an invaluable asset and are worth investing time in.

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