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Company culture is often at the forefront of business minds, particularly as it has become one of the most important aspects for job seekers. However, a large proportion of companies have instilled a culture that is focused on finding operational excellence and avoiding risk, rather than one based around innovation and creative thinking.

According to new research by BMC Software, which was conducted by UK business insights agency Opinion Life, the UK has fallen behind other European countries when it comes to fostering a culture of innovation. Less than half (47%) of those surveyed across the UK feel they are empowered to lead innovation and drive change.

In order to create a culture that capitalises upon the experience and creativity of staff, companies need to empower and encourage workers to be the driving force behind new ideas and innovation.

Working throughout the business

The whole company needs to be on the same page, including line managers, team leaders and executives. The difficulty is that a manager’s performance is often judged by numbers and deadlines, meaning they can often knock back innovative ideas in preference of the tried and tested methods that produce results.

Creating a culture that capitalises upon the creativity and experience of staff cannot be turned on and off until the moment is right, it needs to run all the way through the organisation.

This requires strong leadership, regular feedback and updates so that staff feel they are being heard; employers might even be surprised by how eager workers are to embrace new skills and adapt to new technology.

For job seekers, the idea of working in a creative environment that is flexible and open to embracing new ideas and technology can be extremely appealing. More and more companies are trying to think outside of the box in order to attract talent, take the forming of unique benefit packages or flexible working for example.

Tolerating failure

A difficult aspect for companies can be that an innovative culture is often accompanied by an attitude of accepting that not everything will work, or a toleration of failure. Producing the correct solution consistently is often the formula for success and putting that at risk can be difficult for some firms to contemplate.

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