It is a common thought among employers that the more you appreciate your staff and ensure their work is sufficiently noticed, the more a business tends to reap the rewards.

Employees will tend to have a wider career these days in terms of moving from business to business for numerous reasons including new challenges, financial reward or relocation. However, the benefits of businesses retaining talented employees are clear so companies should be flexible and take note of specific milestones for their staff to improve their satisfaction.

An employee will be well aware of their own success – how many sales they have closed or how much money they have made for the company, for example. By showing that you care about those particular achievements, they are far more inclined to want to keep progressing and meeting even more ambitious milestones in the future.

Short term celebration can mean long term success

Employees are arguably the most important part of any good business – after all they are the ones selling, buying and managing. If an employer doesn’t care to recognise that a car salesman has just sold ten cars in one day, then why would that member of staff have motivation to sell in the first place?

Even the most serious workers welcome people taking the time to celebrate their successes. To be reinforced and appreciated in front of your peers can never be a bad thing, it may also motivate that employee too turn small successes into more long-term goals.

Competition amongst employees is no bad thing

The majority of people are born competitive, it is an instinct, we all have a desire to be the best somewhere inside us. As long as the competition remains friendly, by creating a milestone for people to attain too, staff will strive to work harder simply to be the best in the office. This boosts productivity and potential business earnings, bring benefits to the company as well as to its staff.

Goal setting can therefore be an important part of the process as it keeps employees engaged and inclined to do their very best in the workplace.

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