Shaking hands

It is a well told saying that you only get one chance to make a first impression, particularly in a new working environment. People naturally form opinions in the first few moments of meeting someone, so it is important to think about how you portray yourself.

First impressions in the workplace can often shape long-term reputations and perceptions quite easily, especially as it is in the first few weeks when managers begin to form the most lasting impressions about new workers.

A new study into first impressions, conducted on behalf of workwear provider Grahame Gardner Ltd by Censuswide, revealed that nearly three quarters of UK adults make an initial judgement of a person within just a minute of meeting them.

Most managers will not be expecting the finished product from new workers straight away though, as a role usually comes with a period where it is generally accepted that someone is settling into the position. But what can you do to ensure you make a positive first impression?

Maintain a positive attitude

Nothing can produce better results and ultimately a better impression than maintaining a positive, can-do attitude. Enthusiasm and a strong attitude for hard work are sure fire ways to make progress in your new position and endear yourself to your colleagues and managers.

It may be difficult to begin with, particularly if you are being challenged on a regular basis and pushed outside of your comfort zone, but showing determination and the right attitude are qualities that can go a long way in any situation and environment.

Dress right for the job

The same survey found that clothing was one of the top three things that people notice when making an initial judgement of a person, so never underestimate the importance of being dressed professionally.

Even if the dress code is casual within the office, dress professionally during your first week, as you never know what you might be up to; you might need to go and meet clients or have a meeting with a manager.

Find the right work-life balance

When starting a new job, it can be easy for it to become your sole focus; however you should not forget to involve yourself outside of the office as well. Many organisations will regularly get together, maybe for a drink after work, attend gym classes or play five-a-side football.

Do not be afraid to get involved, as these types of activities are the best ways to create bonds with co-workers and establish yourself in the office.

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