Grad-Job-blackboard-620How can students land the perfect job in 2016?

Life post-graduation can be difficult, especially when the job’s market is so competitive. But the process of finding your dream role needn’t be such a hard process.

With these simple tips, you should be able to enhance your chances of getting the role that is perfect for you.

Jumping the first hurdle

Most students fear employability, after all it is something that is completely new to them! If you’re a graduate, it’s important to do all you can to overcome this fear. If not, you’ll find it difficult to bag your dream job.

Rethink your profile

A number of studies have revealed that employers do check potential employee’s profiles. If your LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter account isn’t something you want to share with your future boss, now is the time to change it! Make it something you’re proud to show to the professional industry. Most importantly, make time to comment on newsworthy sources.

Create a portfolio

Whether it be a final project at University or a particular school project you’re proud of and did exceptionally well in, when it comes to showing off your talent, employers are more likely to enroll graduates who have something solid to show them. However, when creating a portfolio, thinking outside of the box a bit can help you to stand out.

Networking events

Networking events aren’t just for those who are employed but also, as recent statistics indicate, for those who want to be employed. Attend as many networking events and careers fairs as you can. You never know, you might meet your next boss!

Extracurricular activities

Out-of-school activities are an asset to all as well. This shows you are interested in other affairs asides from study alone and often indicates skills such as productivity, motivation and teamwork. Employers embrace these skills, as they can be applied to a number of roles in the working environment.

Work experience

If you can, sign up to a work experience role in your chosen field. Whether it’s paid or not, studies show that those with work experience on their CVs are twice as likely to get a job as those who don’t have it.

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