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It can be easy when job hunting to constantly think about whether or not you are right for the job, but some thought should also be given to whether or not the job is right for you.

Knowing exactly what career path is right for you can be difficult, especially without a great deal of experience in various roles. However, knowing your own strengths and weaknesses can ensure that you do not end up in a role that you are unable to perform in or do not feel comfortable with.

When thinking about the right career, you can either focus on yourself, judge your own strengths and needs and look for jobs that match them; or alternatively, you can look at vacancies that interest you and work out whether or not you have the necessary skills.

Some key questions

Asking yourself some key questions can be a big indicator as to whether or not the role is suited to you, such as:

  • What responsibilities does the job have?
  • What skills are required?
  • Do I have the necessary skill set?
  • Could a persuade the potential employer that I have everything necessary?

Ultimately, the best way to prove your suitability to any position is to point towards evidence – times when you have demonstrated that you have the skills they are looking for. It is also important to remember that a number of skills are transferable; skills that were useful in a part-time job can easily be transferred to a permanent role somewhere else.

Honesty is always the best policy when thinking about your career. If you cannot think of any evidence, then it may be that you are looking at the wrong position. You might need to do an internship or gain some work experience, which can provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary.

Understand the company

Doing some research into the company’s background can give you a great indicator into the daily life of employees within the office – if not, you can even go as far as reaching out to someone on a social media platform to gain some extra insight.

All businesses operate differently, and as a result have different approaches – some may have a strict clothing policy, others may be a bit relaxed, for example. Understanding whether or not that is right for you can save you a great amount of time and also significantly streamline your job search.

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