Development step progression

Retaining talented employees has become a huge concern for many companies, as more understand that finding, recruiting and onboarding new staff can be extremely costly when it comes to both time and financial investment.

As a result, a greater emphasis has been placed on what employers can do to ensure those already within the company are content, challenged and engaged with their role. Companies now invest a great deal in the benefits and rewards they offer loyal and hardworking members of staff.

For companies that are unable to invest such an amount, offering a career path and job progression to ambitious employees, particularly graduates, can show that you value their work within the company and are ready to help them to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Understand a graduate ambitions

When hiring a new graduate employee, it can be easy to think about the present and focus your efforts on understanding whether or not they will be able to adapt to office life, while giving little attention to where they will be in a couple of years.

During the recruitment phase, it is important for employers to try and understand where a graduate employee’s ambitions are – do they want to get into management or do they see themselves moving into a different area?

Regular feedback sessions are also a great way to keep up-to-date with a graduate employee’s progress and where they stand. It may be that they liked working on a particular project and want to do similar work in the future, for example.

Right type of training

A company is in a much better position to offer the right training opportunities and promotions if they are aware of an individual’s employees ambitions. This may be difficult for larger organisations who boast a high number of staff, but effort should be made to understand where they see themselves over the next few years.

If an employee sees themselves entering into a management role in the next year, then you can offer a range of training opportunities or hand over more responsibility during a project. The introduction of online courses has made it a lot easier for employers and workers to develop their own skills too.

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