With the job market the way it is, an efficient hiring process can be the key to any business running smoothly. People are becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of changing positions and moving between companies which has placed greater need on businesses hiring processes.

By ensuring that your company’s recruitment is quick and efficient, you can provide candidates with an overall positive experience, attract top industry talent and also build a powerful employer brand.

Improve job descriptions

The talent pool that now exists means that any job position is likely to be applied for by a vast amount of people, and they won’t always have the right skills needed for the role. Writing clear job descriptions that accurately portray what responsibilities the role entails will often mean a smaller and more appropriate pool of possible candidates for you to select from.

Writing a vague job description using cliché words like ‘hardworking’ are not going to work, your ideal candidates are already like that and the ones that you want to avoid will not be deterred by you highlighting their shortcomings.

Marketing your vacancy

The best way to improve your process is fundamentally by marketing your vacancy to a small audience of potential employees. By having your job advertisement on every online website you will find yourself having to deal with 1000’s of vacancies, which are almost impossible to try and review in a short period of time.

Most of the top talent will be engaged in places that they regularly visit so it is important to get involved with groups on LinkedIn and even search individually for the best selection of talent that you would like to hear from.

Use technology

For an employer the interview process can be incredibly frustrating, sometimes people are just not the right fit and you will be able to tell within the first five minutes of an interview – not everything can be found out by reviewing a job application.

Video interviews can solve your problem and help save the hassle of numerous meetings with candidates. Using programs such as Skype, means you can ask questions but maintain a certain level of distance at the same time.

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