Employee attitudes are typically reflective of a firm, and in particular areas such as customer service and sales, happy staff are essential as they represent the face of the company.

According to the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, job satisfaction in the UK has dropped to its lowest level for over two years – the survey took into account 2,000 workers within Britain.

Job satisfaction is not wholly linked to income and wages – while a rise in salary will probably improve employee contentment in the short term, small inexpensive changes within the business can have more of a long-term impact.

Career pathway

Over a quarter (27%) of those surveyed said they were unhappy with the lack of opportunities given to them to develop skills in their job.

If companies fail to provide developmental support, such as training opportunities and career mentoring, the business is automatically less appealing which reduces the chance of retaining talented and ambitious employees.

It is critical for a firm to have regular career planning discussions involving employees, to see what their ambitions are and to assess how the company can meet them.

Recognise and reward

Achievement and recognition are high motivators for any employee. If they are taking risks, working hard and hitting targets, make sure a reward follows for their efforts – the small stuff adds up.

The number of employees who believe their current employer’s performance management processes are unfair increased from 20% to 23% this year. There are many ways to supplement salary by assisting in other areas of their life.

Offering dental or optical care, paying for gym memberships or for healthy food and drink within the office, are great perks that can keep employees happy and engaged. By providing a wider range of benefits, instead of just an increase in salary, you show that you truly appreciative of the value they bring to the organisation.

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