As the age range of workforces lengthens and shifting demographics mean employees have different requirements, the importance of developing a communication strategy that engages all members of staff has grown for businesses.

Many employers are trying to ensure their business meets the variety of needs and expectations that their staff have across multiple generations. While some information may prove vital to an employee of an older generation for example, a recent graduate may find it useless and a waste of their time.

Ensuring that all members of the workforce feel individually valued and targeted, no matter what their age, can increase engagement, happiness, work culture and ultimately performance.

Tailored communications

Employers should tailor communications so that employees receive the information that is most likely relevant to them – content has to match what individual staff value and what position they occupy in the company.

When businesses communicate with all of the employees in one go within the organisation, then it is important to ensure the values of all generations and demographics are incorporated rather than just trying to focus on one.

Choice can make it easier to engage

A multi-channel approach can cater for the various ways in which different groups of the workforce consume information, whilst ensuring everyone still ultimately gets the message. Everyone is unique and feels comfortable with certain platforms, so offering a variety of choice should meet their needs.

Using social media channels or video content can prove to be a popular way of communicating with younger members of the workforce, whilst printed communications which the older generation can take home and discuss with their family or friends may prove more favourable for them.

Get feedback and monitor impact

Listening to the feedback from employees is a vital part of developing an effective communications strategy that suits the company’s needs. By establishing a continual dialogue between staff and employers, it becomes easier to meet each other’s needs.

Tracking methods that are successful and evolving those that are not will save a great deal of time and investment, as well as ultimately leading to a solid strategy specific for your organisation.

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