Building blocks

Today’s graduates are entering a new world of work led by technology, and find themselves in the position to consider what they want from their workplace. Fundamentally, this allows them to find an employer that meets their needs and ambitions.

The culture of an organisation can have a huge impact on how employees perform and enjoy their work – if life in the office is to stressful it can be incredibly draining on certain workers. The difficulty for companies is to strike the right balance and ensure that staff can work effectively and efficiently but also enjoy themselves at the same time.

Research from ILM – based on insights from 2,000 employees in the UK – found that 74% want more freedom at work, whilst 53% were concerned about their workplace culture. The introduction of wider technology means businesses now have the chance to re-evaluate their workplace and start embracing a more flexible environment. But how can companies make this happen?

Adopt a collaborative approach

A company’s approach to business can have a huge effect on employee happiness. For example, a graduate looking for a new role will be much more inclined to join an organisation that drives creativity and collaboration, than one that adopts a more segmented and regimented approach.

Although it may be difficult, businesses should begin to look at offering employees more flexibility when it comes their work environment, and managing their own time. Offices that encourage people to work together and share ideas will tend to see the best results.

Think about the little things

Making substantial changes can often be extremely daunting for some organisations, but taking small steps can make a huge difference. Scheduling in time for collaboration can be a great way to get staff thinking on the same page, particularly for large companies that boast a high number of staff and that still want to keep things organised.

It may be costly but creating an open plan office, spaces dedicated for collaboration, or an area where workers can go to work quietly, can also make the working environment a lot more attractive to potential graduate employees.

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