So often some of the best job postings can be buried within endless search results, especially for small companies who do not have massive brand appeal.  A small start-up writing a blog post about the requirement for a new a member of the sales team may find themselves being outranked by big job sites, so how can they attract the right talent?

Find the best job board

Choosing the right job board really is crucial for ensuring that a company’s recruitment process is a success, so the key is to work out which one best fits your criteria. The job board will play a huge role in the level of candidates, type of qualifications and the sheer number of responses that you get.

For example, there may be job boards specifically targeting recent graduates, or one that targets a wide range of candidates with various levels of experience. If you are hiring for your new graduate scheme, the first option may well provide better results.

Therefore, it is important to do your research and answer questions like:

  • ‘Does this job board get used regularly?
  • ‘How many people use the site?
  • ‘How many people apply to jobs featured on their site?’
  • ‘Do these job boards offer any additional services, such as the ability to define keywords or candidate filtering?’

It can be easy to target the most expensive job board, but is it exactly what you need? Using these questions as a framework will allow you to get a firm idea of which sites offer the most benefits, efficiency and functionality and which can also save you a lot of money.

Work out how to measure value

Once you have decided which job boards suit your posting and company the best, you can start to look at how you are going to measure the efficiency and productivity of the job board – some of the most effective may offer you statistics and analytics within them.

For example, the number of applications received for your posting may be crucial to determining its reach. It may count for nothing if none of those that applied had the appropriate qualifications or experience – it is vital to know what you are after.

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