It is now the case that the younger generation, Millennials as they are a widely known, have begun to make up the largest percentage of jobseekers. With businesses eager to make sure they appeal to this part of the workforce, what exactly are they able to do?

Capturing and retaining talented youngsters has proven to be a difficult task for organisations – many are often so digitally immersed that they can be difficult to reach.

The development of technology has meant that potential candidates and future employees now interact and communicate in ways that are the opposite of traditional business practices. So, how can organisations share their vision and appeal to ambitious and digitally literate new talent?

Change in expectations

Nowadays, the idea of having a job for life is very rare; young adults are ambitious, hungry and prepared to leave their jobs if they see it as a way of progressing their career or if they options to work for something they believe in.

To stay ahead and be attractive to these individuals, businesses have must address complex expectations such as career progression, working environment and flexibility.

Ensuring the company’s vision and ethos is clear and showcasing the work culture is important. These aspects can be forgotten but are some of the first things a job seekers might consider when looking for somewhere to work.

A diverse approach

Video plays an important role for the younger generation and it is often the first port of call when looking for information.

Companies are beginning to realise the need for creative visuals –JP Morgan for instance has recently shared their use of Snapchat as a recruitment tool for young talent.

On the go

Technology is the first step to attracting top talent – companies that fail to adapt risk being left behind as technology breakthroughs are made on a continuing basis.

According to research from Pew Research Centre, more than half of 18-29 year old job seekers have used their smartphone to job hunt.

The growth in a variety of social media channels also highlights just how important it is for companies to invest in creating attractive content, that is both mobile responsive and engages job hunters.

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