Nearly half of job candidates use their smartphones on a daily basis to search for jobs, according to Glassdoor, yet just 12% of companies told a Jobatar survey that mobile recruitment is a priority for the year ahead.

In fact, 41% of those interviewed said their top priority was to grow their employer brand, through the use of both campaigns and advertisements. As candidate numbers increase, enhancing image is something that is becoming more and more of an importance to employers.

In the last year alone, 48% of companies said their biggest employment challenge was a lack of skilled candidates, while 27% stated high competition for talent to be their biggest obstacle.

It would appear there is a huge divide between what graduates expect and what businesses consider their main priorities.

Jobatar founder Simon Hughes has suggested that firms are struggling to find candidates that “align with their internal culture” when trying to fill positions. He suggests this is why there is such a focus on brand development, as having accurate branding means more of the right candidates apply.

He added that mobile should be considered “as being of equal importance” as it enables businesses to take recruitment to the next level. “In today’s mobile society, firms need to be able to promote opportunities to prospects whenever and wherever they are,” he explained.

Despite an incredible 70% of HR professionals using Social Media as a recruitment method, including platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, many state this to be their least preferred employment tool.

Just 12% of those asked cited Social Media as a desirable way to recruit potential candidates. This comes as a great surprise, especially as there are 20 million professionals on LinkedIn at present in the UK alone. Many of the respondents asked still prefer to place job openings on a job board.

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