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With competition for top graduate talent so fierce, the spotlight is increasingly falling on recruitment processes as firms look to ensure they give themselves the best possible opportunity to hire the right people.

It is no longer deemed sufficient for an organisation to simply post a vacancy on a job board, as graduate job seekers look for a much more rounded view of the business and are increasingly aware of the employer’s brand and reputation when it comes to culture, salary and career progression.

Yet despite this, research from totaljobs shows that 46% of employers have reduced the length of time it takes to recruit a candidate in order to beat the competition.

Greater use of technology

As companies want to speed up their recruitment processes, technology has grown in importance. Around 10% of employers are now conducting interviews via Skype, whilst a quarter (25%) are using psychometric testing as a quick way of determining the cultural fit of candidates for their business.

Using technology is especially popular at firms where a lot of applications are submitted. Conducting an initial video interview as a screening phase can be a great way for organisations to reduce numbers and get a clearer idea of a potential employee’s personality.

However, many employers have failed to implement technology effectively when it comes to attracting talent, with the same research showing that only 47% of employers say their company website and application processes are optimised for mobile. This becomes an issue when 70% of jobseekers are hunting for roles on their smartphones.

Reaching jobseekers

The research suggests there is disconnect between where employers are advertising and where jobseekers are looking. Over 80% of employers revealed that they use their company website to advertise a job, however only 15% of jobseekers would actively chose to find a vacancy through an organisation’s website.

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