The gaming sector is on the look-out for more female graduates as the industry becomes more male dominated than ever before.

Craig Duncan, Studio Head at Rare, said the entire industry needs to attract a wide range of ages and gender to continue to thrive.

Creating a diverse gaming culture

The more diverse the culture is in the studio, the better games produced for everyone, he adds.

Mr Duncan argues that the gaming industry must follow the example set in the STEM sector by leaving its masculine reputation behind.

He said that with games being played by just about everyone – regardless of gender, ethnicity, age and background – it’s time to bring this into studios.

As a result, industry leaders will begin to make their way into schools to speak to youngsters with the hope of inspiring them to enter the sector.

On the look-out for female graduates

Duncan argues that with the majority of individuals studying Computer Science and Game Development at degree level being male, their talent pool is largely limited, leading to more males being hired in gaming graduate positions.

However, female graduates will be pleased to know that this isn’t the only sector calling out for them. In fact, police forces and a number of large companies throughout the UK are on the same mission.

While Mr Duncan notes that no gaming firm is on a woman-only recruitment drive just yet, this method has been used in other sectors and could offer an insight into the future.

In order for the likes of Minecraft to be attractive to young gamers and promoted even further, it’s vital that the industry has enough female talent to balance out the amount of male graduates.

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