In order to build healthy employer/staff relationships, managers must apply both motivation and initiative to the working environment. Doing so will ensure your employers perform to the best of their abilities.

Building healthy relationships with your work force can take time, but there are plenty of ways to build trust and respect, and to motivate them to perform. A handful of these options are explored below.

Motivating your staff 

Certain employers allow employees to go their own way, which is a great thing providing they still get some guidance. In a smaller company with fewer staff, allowing each and every individual to map out their own journey is easier to handle as opposed to applying the same rule to a business of five hundred or more staff. This is when it is important to act as a leader or to appoint several managers to manage and motivate teams of people. Managers could give each employee a duty, which in turn gives them responsibility and makes them feel a valued part of the company.

Employees who feel valued and know how important their contributions to the business are feel constantly motivated. Being part of a successful company only makes employers want to work harder to achieve their goals.

Don’t be a “boss”

It’s important to listen to your employee’s opinions instead of being over controlling and solely managing your staff alone. Managing workflow is a must as it aids productivity, but if employees come to you with good ideas, commend them for it! This will help you to challenge your employees, which will help them to climb the career ladder while boosting the business at the same time.

Earn their respect 

Instead of overseeing the running of the business, show your employees that you are more than a manager, and that you’re willing to work as hard as them – this will help you to earn their respect while raising awareness of what is expected within the company.

Understand the employer/employee relationship

Healthy relationships between managers and staff require attention to detail. Put a lot of effort into running your company and you’ll get a lot back. It’s important to remember that everyone is different in their approach too, so what works for one employee will not necessarily work for another.

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