In 2015, the graduate jobs market advanced greatly, causing new graduates to enter into the most successful jobs market since 2007, according to official stats from the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS).

This has resulted in firms rushing to sign up the best talent, and especially those with certain key skills – especially in engineering and education.

January saw an increase of 24% in graduate job opportunities, according to CV-Library. Some 1,000 job openings exist for UK graduates with skills in engineering and education at present.

Engineering is one of the most popular industries and has the ability to drive highly-sought-after productivity in the UK. Yet despite this, the sector is suffering from a lack of skills, meaning skilled individuals with technical backgrounds are very much in demand.

Nick Boles, Minister of State for Skills, said: “These shortages are compounded by insufficient numbers of young people, especially girls, choosing a career in engineering. I am convinced we will only overcome these challenges if all those with an interest in UK engineering commit to greater collaboration and partnership.”

Another popular degree for those looking to secure work post-graduation is teaching, especially as more than 50% of teachers intend to leave the profession to explore other opportunities in the next two years. This research comes from the October 2015 YouGov survey for the National Union of Teachers.

Other fields that are in demand include construction and IT, with over 800 graduate jobs being advertised across both sectors.

Despite this, skills shortages across many of the UK’s most significant industries is becoming a huge concern. Founder and managing director of CV-Library Lee Biggins suggested that government intervention is needed to tackle a potential skills shortage.

“More needs to be done in early education to entice our future generations into sectors such as engineering, otherwise the threat of skills shortages in years to come will quickly become a reality,” he said.

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