Employers should offer an (abridged) induction programme to temporary workers, a new report by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has suggested.
The report, ‘Flex appeal: Why freelancers, contractors and agency workers choose to work this way’, argues that taking measures to create a more concrete relationship between employers and members of their temporary workforce will help to ‘increase the employability of workers and enhance productivity and commitment’.
The report also went on to make a series of recommendations as to how the employer-temp relationship can be enhanced even further. This was as follows:
• Set up performance management processes, communicate and give regular feedback;
• Ensure line managers encourage and facilitate positive workplace interaction between permanent and agency staff
• Make training opportunities available to all staff, including temporary workers
According to the report taking the above actions will ‘give temporary workers the resources to perform their role well, transfer relevant knowledge and socialise workers into the workplace’.

Temporary work a good route to permanent roles for entry level workers

Further findings from the research indicated that temporary work can be beneficial for those at a number of stages in their career, including entry-level workers.
Much like taking up a paid internship or work experience placement, temporary work can help create a pathway to permanent roles by furnishing graduates and other entry level workers with the skills they need to succeed in the world of work.
This idea was supported by the range of reasons cited for taking up temporary work, which included the ability to gain experience in a new role.
“I can at least put something down on my CV. You are sending off your CV and they are not coming back because they don’t see that your experiences are transferable. You apply for a job and they make a decision based on your application. With temping you have a chance to prove yourself,” said Edward an office professional.
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