According to recent data a shocking majority of millennials are “indifferent” to mobile security protocols at their workplace, prompting employers to reassess their strategies.

In the report released by Aruba Networks, a massive six in ten ‘generation mobile’ employees were happy to let other people access and use their personal and work smartphones on a regular basis.

Nearly a third of these workers also confessed they had lost data through improper use of the device and more than one half admitted they would ignore instructions from their boss or go against security strategies to complete tasks.

Understanding modern workforces

While the above trends were noted across both genders, young males were found to be the most likely to lose data or breach safety systems – 20% more so than women.

Those with larger pay packets were also more likely to lose the company’s financial data than those on a lower salary.

Perhaps most shocking is the fact that 5% of young employees admitted that they had revealed the password to their work devices because they had been paid to do so. A further 10% said they have or would consider taking this action.

For employers, the risk to their business is clear and it is vital that they adapt their security systems to respond to the indifferent attitudes of one of their key sources of productivity: millennials.

Ben Gibson, Aruba Networks CMO, explained:

“In a contemporary connected world, firms need to nurture creativity, while at the same time minimise the risk of data and information loss.

“Employers need to take an adaptive trust approach to connectivity and data security, identifying individual worker preferences that factor multiple layers of contextual information in order to build secure infrastructure around them.”

The overriding message is that employers should adapt their security strategies so younger generations are given the flexibility to work in the best way for them but without risking the larger interests of the firm.

Technology can be a vital tool for businesses, especially in the hands of millennials and recent graduates, and businesses must respond to this data to ensure safe and proper use of it.

It is also worth noting that 51% of those polled by Aruba Networks praised the use of mobile apps by saying they boost productivity.

A similar 48% said they felt it gave their workplace an edge over competition and this provides plenty of justification for employers to expand their tech offerings in these areas.

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