Interview-line-620British employers are less likely to hire people who hop between jobs, according to new research.

Beyond – the Career Network – conducted a comprehensive national survey of HR professionals in order to analyse the hiring process and found that a surprising 71% of respondents would not employ an individual who has “hopped” from one job to another.

Attracting the right candidates

A job hopper is often seen as an individual that changes employer too often during a short period of time. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the average professional will change jobs once every 3-4 years and any more than this can be viewed critically as job hoppers.

Joe Weinlick, Vice President of Marketing for Beyond, said a recruiter will probably spend just six seconds looking at a CV, giving an individual a very small window to highlight their skills.

With more than one million jobs created so far in 2015 and hiring remaining steady, competition for talent is beginning to heat up, meaning employers are finding it harder to attract qualified graduates.

Improving the marketing of vacancies

In fact, only 7% of HR professionals said it’s easier to find qualified job applicants now than it was six months ago, while 50% are finding it even more difficult.

However, the research by Beyond indicates that this could be down to how employers are marketing their vacancies. Some 39% of companies have used multiple job descriptions for the same role, while 63% have used different job titles for the same position – leading to confused graduates applying for the same position without being aware.

Mr Weinlick explains that continuity and clarity are “essential” when it comes to communicating job descriptions.

If employers refuse to use mobile-friendly sites to advertise their vacancies then they will turn-off qualified job seekers and therefore attract the wrong people, he concluded.

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