64% of employers state that another coalition government will have no affect on their ability to hire more staff in the next year, the most recent JobsOutlookSurvey claims.

Published by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) after questioning 200 employers, the report considered what impact another coalition government would have on job creation plans.

Only 4% of employers thought a parliament with no governing party would have a negative effect on their recruitment strategies while 32% were undecided.

The remaining 64% said it would not affect their hiring strategies at all.

REC monthly report

The REC also conducted a monthly report of 600 employers on their recruitment trends.

It found that while 51% of businesses only had a “little capacity” left for additional staff an increasing number planned to take on extra employees over the next 12 months.

A massive 71% of employers planned to hire more permanent employees over the next three months while 81% said they will increase their permanent head count over the next 4-12 months.

However it isn’t just permanent staff which employers are planning on adding to their payroll, agency staff numbers are also set to increase.

More than one third (38%) of businesses stated they will up their current use of this type of worker over the next three months while 58% will maintain their current levels.

Finding skilled staff

Kevin Green, Chief Executive at REC, explained that while 2010 saw a great deal of uncertainty for employers, the last five years of coalition government saw them continually increase headcounts.

He said that the largest constraint many businesses face is finding skilled staff that fit their vacancies rather than a lack of interest in recruitment.

“Employment is at a record high, and yet businesses say they will need more staff if demand for their products or services increases”, Green said.

While this is great news for jobseekers, it can still be a hard task for employers to find the right staff for their business – even when planning to bump up their recruitment drives.

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