The majority of younger employees and graduates want to work for a business that has a “family feel” at the heart of its culture, according to research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

A culture that is “held together by loyalty and tradition”

The research of 2,226 employees also highlighted that this younger generation of employees also desire to be a part of a company that is “held together by loyalty and tradition”. As a result, the CIPD is recommending that employers regularly assess how their employees feel about the culture of the business.

The CIPD also asked younger employees to describe the kind of firm they are currently working for, with 50% describing it as being “a formalised and structured place to work where procedures govern what people do and hold people together”. This was found to be more common in the public sector (74%), in the voluntary sector (43%) and large corporations (59%).

When asked what type of organisation they would like to be a part of, 55% stated they would prefer to work within a business that has a “family feel” – this statistic was higher for women (60%) than it was for men (50%).

A defining moment for businesses

Jessica Cooper, Research Advisor at the CIPD, said now is a “defining moment for businesses”, as we have now “reached a point of stability” following the recession.

However, Cooper states that it is now time for employers to engage with their young talent and to understand what they desire from a company. The research clearly highlights that younger employees want to work in an organisation “where they can really feel like they are part of something”.

Dominique Jones, Vice President of Human Resources at Halogen Software, noted that this survey shows that employers have a huge opportunity when it comes to creating a corporate culture that will attract graduate talent and encourage high performance.

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