Digitisation is causing recruitment to change direction, as traditional CV writing and face-to-face interview methods are no longer enough.

With the number of worldwide internet users hitting the 3 billion mark during 2014 – of which 72% are active participants on social media – employers need to begin reaching out to these digital natives.

Online job site and video interviewing service,, has found four digital trends that are set to completely change recruitment methods for graduate employers.

  1. Social media job seekers

Millennial job seekers are now using social media platforms as their first point of call when looking for a graduate role. found that 76% of these “social job seekers” found their latest role through Facebook.

Similarly, 73% of the millennial generation use their mobile phone to view job vacancies.

The research also found that 93% of employers check their candidate’s social media profiles before interviewing them, while a further 42% have reconsidered a graduate based on their social media profile.

  1. Video interviewing

Video interviewing is set to be the largest leap employers will take this year, with this method already popular in the USA.

  1. Digital applications

Recently, a number of firms have required that all job applications must be “creative”. In fact, there have been stories in the press of a number of businesses only receiving job applications via the infamous short video platform Snapchat – giving a graduate just 10 seconds to impress.

  1. Video job posts

In line with video interviewing, job adverts are now being posted via a video in a bid to personalise the job ad and bringing the role to life for the applicant.

Recruitment processes are evolving; could you be missing out on excellent talent because you’re not in the right online spaces?