A Sunderland software company has launched an innovative, game-changing app to assist employers looking to recruit talent.

Named Shine, the creation was originally set up by technology whizz, David Copple. The idea behind the app is that it will help businesses to make use of new technologies such as video interviewing. This will allow global companies to interview candidates from around the world, before asking them to a formal interview. Not only will this save time, it will save employers a great deal of money too.

The app is already being used by a number of big name companies, allowing them to interview potential candidates in real time as opposed to solely over the phone. Both tablets and PC’s can house this platform, which promises to make employers’ lives a great deal easier. Using real-time video calls allows interview panels to assess people’s performance individually, without the need to block out time for face-to-face meetings. The innovative platform also allows more than one person to be present.

A new approach to hiring?

David created the app out of pure frustration, as he found the lengthy process of managing diaries to agree on an interview time extremely tedious. “Recruitment is a hugely time-consuming process, and one that costs businesses thousands of pounds each and every year,” he explained.

“With technology transforming the way we communicate with one another and the way we manage both our personal and professional networks, it seemed crazy to think that we are still sticking to the traditional CV scour, followed by face to face interviews, and potentially a further stage of assessment, when we could vastly reduce the time taken by using video technology.”

Working alongside five passionate individuals, David and his team have been developing the app over the last six months, and believe it brings a unique new offering to the market. It even enables a number of other tech-savvy highlights, including the option to upload CVs and to manage them accordingly.

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