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The quality of the employees you hire depends greatly on your recruitment and selection process and as a result, it’s crucial to get it right every time. When looking to hire the best, the recruitment process isn’t always plain sailing with even the most dedicated recruiters often hitting brick walls and tripping over obstacles.

Recruitment and selection can turn into a very complex task if not carried out correctly. Choosing the right person for the job is important to both the business and the dynamic of the company so it’s time to invent a smooth process.

Here are the top eight problems all employers face during recruiting and how to combat them.

1. Failing to look at what you have

The most common error many employers make is failing to advertise the new vacancy in house before placing it online. In some cases the very best employee for the job may already be located in the company. By failing to advertise the job opportunity in house, employers can spend time and money interviewing new candidates when the perfect match is under their nose the whole time.

2. Failing to explain the interview process

Depending on the job role, there may be a number of additional stages to the interview, including exams, video interviewing etc. Therefore it is important that each stage is explained to every candidate to ensure they have maximum time to prepare and know what to expect. The amount of time it will take for feedback and a decision to be made should also be highlighted to each candidate.

3. Looking for the same thing

This is one of the most common mistakes employers make during recruitment and selection – looking for the exact replica of the person who did the role previously. By doing this you will ignore the potential creativity and innovation of new candidates and might miss out on the perfect employee.

4. Using the same recruitment process

Once employers find a recruitment process that kind of works, they tend to use it time and time again. By employing the same techniques you are limiting your search for potential new candidates and as a result will fail to find someone new and interesting. Try new recruitment strategies and websites to help you attract the right kind of employee.

5. Looking for a superhuman

When you are creating your advert for your new role, it’s important to be realistic. If you ask for too many skills and too much background experience, qualified graduates may be put off applying. Whilst this technique will limit your number of applicants, it also sets unrealistic goals. You should look for balanced applicants and not superhuman ones.

6. Failing to provide a specific job description

Many employers fail to provide applicants with a detailed job description making it extremely hard for them to prepare for an interview. By doing this you could have a number of applicants who aren’t qualified for the job but who thought they were – and that’s not good for anyone.

7. Failing to give recruitment the right amount of time

So many employers rush the recruitment process and fail to acknowledge that it takes time to find the perfect person to join the business. The average process for a medium sized company is thought to take two weeks as it gives enough time to interview a range of individuals and select carefully.

8. Offering the job immediately after the interview

Many employers have a habit of offering the job to an applicant immediately after the interview. However, this isn’t a fair way of recruiting as there may be someone better for the job found later in the recruitment process. Moreover, a great deal of thought should be placed into choosing the right person, with the right qualifications and personality not just the person who can start the soonest.

Achieving successful recruitment

A successful recruitment and selection process is vital to the accomplishment of any business and therefore it’s vital that it runs smoothly. With these tips in mind, there are also a number of recruitment trends on the rise which you should be aware of. These are:

• More individuals are searching for roles on their smartphones
• Video interviewing is increasingly popular for interviewers and interviewees
• Online candidate assessment is continuing to expand
• Social media will continue to grow as an additional recruitment platform By ensuring you have the right group of employees in your business, you can guarantee your company will flourish and continue to expand. The recruitment and selection process is of huge importance for any size business as it involves choosing the very best individuals to join your enterprise and help it grow.

If you’re looking to take on the best graduates guaranteed to bring innovative creativity to the table, Discovery Graduates can help you every step of the way.