This year, the theme for National Apprenticeship Week is ‘Build The Future’.

Apprenticeships have massively evolved over the last few years. Gone are the days where they are just for 16-19 year olds! Instead, apprenticeships now offer a fantastic development opportunity for professionals at any stage of their career, and across a huge range of business areas.

Helping professionals in our businesses to understand that apprenticeships have changed can feel like a bit of an up-hill battle at times. In fact, 58% of employers believe their middle and senior managers would be unwilling to be labelled as an ‘apprentice’!

As an Apprenticeship provider, we know modern apprenticeships offer so much more than ‘tick-box’ learning. Our apprenticeships are fun, hands-on and challenging. At their core, they focus developing individuals to excel in the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for them to effectively do their day-to-day role.

We know our programmes are having a huge impact on our learners’ professional and personal lives, but don’t just take our word for it… Two of our current Apprenticeship programme delegates have shared some of their experiences of completing an Apprenticeship.

Emma Hope, RFS Project Manager, from Tunstall Healthcare is a delegate on our Empowered Leaders Programme.

Sophie Runau, Graduate Trainee, from Sims Metal Management is a delegate on our Aspiring Leaders Programme.

Why Apprenticeships?
For businesses, apprenticeships can help to overcome challenges such as skills gaps. For individual learners, apprenticeships can be so much more! Offering learners the opportunity to stop, put on the handbrake and actually take time in their self-development is at the heart of a learner’s development journey.

In this clip, Emma and Sophie share how their experience of apprenticeships goes beyond the ‘traditional’ apprenticeship offering.

What are the benefits?
Discovery’s apprenticeships are designed to be hands-on, fun and challenging! In this clip, Emma and Sophie share how their apprenticeship programme experiences have combined theory with practice so they can learn the theory, practice it and then quickly implement it back into their day-to-day roles.

Training in a virtual world

Virtual training doesn’t mean boring training! Our programmes use blended learning, included elements of virtual training. However, as Covid-19 hit, more of our training had to go online.
In this clip, Emma and Sophie discuss how moving training online can still be impactful, engaging and interactive!

Discovery’s Programmes

Discovery offer apprenticeships across a range of levels – from Graduates, to Leaders & Managers – covering a range of disciplines including Leadership & Management, Sales and Customer Service.

Find out more about our programmes:
Customer Service Excellence Programme
Aspiring Leaders Programme
Emerging Leaders Programme
Empowered Leaders Programme
Sales Success Programme

If you’d like further information about how modern apprenticeships can benefit your business and your employees, get in touch.