Personal progression

Rejection is a part of everyday life, and although it may sometimes be tough to swallow, it can actually be a great tool for motivation and self-improvement if it is delivered in the right way.

The problem comes when rejection is delivered without genuine and specific feedback, leaving job seekers unsure of what went wrong with their application or what they can do to improve their chances of securing a position in the future.

Everyone goes through job rejection at some point in their career, and it can be easy to obsess over it, but it is important to turn it around and use it as a motivational tool to find the ideal role for yourself, that matches your skills and experience.

Rethink your path

Throughout your job search it can be easy to get so involved with sending off numerous applications that you lose track of what roles you have actually applied for. A scattergun approach to your job hunt is never going to the be the best approach compared to a methodical and selective strategy.

Sometimes being rejected can give you the perfect opportunity to take stock of what exact roles you are applying for, and how you are going about it. It may turn out that you are not applying for positions that actually cater to your expertise.

Also, it can be an opportune moment to be honest with yourself and to start thinking about whether you might need to take a different approach to securing a position within the sector. For example, for the particular industry it may be better interning somewhere beforehand, rather than trying to jump straight in to a full-time role.

Were you punching above your weight on the technical side of things? Did that white lie on your CV catch you out more than you thought it would?

Added motivation

The longer your job search goes on the more difficult it can be to stay motivated and fully committed to what you are doing. As a result, a bit of rejection can sometimes give you the kick you need to refocus your efforts and ensure that it never happens again.

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