Following on from yesterday’s ‘Interview with an Apprentice’, today we have our Administrator Apprentice, Molly, in the spotlight!

Molly joined Discovery Graduates in 2016 and has been an invaluable part of the team since. Unedited and unabridged, here’s what Molly had to say about her post-school experiences…

  • Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I chose to do an apprenticeship because A-Levels weren’t working out for me. The workload was too much and the environment wasn’t for me, I therefore chose to do an apprenticeship because I enjoy learning on the job and building my skills as I go along. I’m a practical person and so learning theory in a classroom didn’t excite me. The skills I learn tend to stick with me better if I do them practically and have the chance to make a mistake! Then I can look back and learn from it when it comes to doing the task again.

  • What are the most important things you have learnt since beginning your apprenticeship?

I have learnt that I can fit into a fast paced and professional work environment quite easily even though it is a massive step away from college/school surroundings. I have learnt to be a lot more confident, especially when talking to the general public and my fellow colleagues. I have progressed massively from when I first started in terms of my social ability and I definitely feel more comfortable now when talking in front of groups of people and over the phone (which used to be a massive fear of mine). Another crucial skill I have learnt is how to manage my time appropriately and effectively, especially with having apprenticeship work to complete alongside my many daily tasks. This has enabled me to prioritise a lot better and meet deadlines at ease.

  • What would your advice be to school leavers who are currently deciding which direction to take next?

My advice would be to consider the type of learner that you are and what you want out of the next step personally. Not everyone can handle the workload and high intensity of A-levels and many underestimate the jump that there is from GCSE’s to A-levels. I think if you have one goal that you are certain on fulfilling then University might be an option, but to the people out there who are unsure of what they want to do in their future, then an apprenticeship is a great way to gain experience whilst gaining a recognised qualification and showing commitment to future employers.

  • What has your experience of doing an apprenticeship at an SME been like?

Having come into this apprenticeship with knocked confidence due to my A-levels not working out the list of skills that I have developed seem to be endless and I’m building on them, learning new things about myself and my job, every day. Compared to other jobs I have had in the past my apprenticeship is definitely more of a team-oriented job. I feel I am valued here more than I have ever been and I think my skills and work are rewarded and praised when they deserve it. I have been given great responsibility here, especially when my manager is away. Due to increased work load we are increasing the admin team which has given me the opportunity to shape my job role a little bit more and increase the aspects that benefit me most and that I enjoy.