Graduate employers in Aberdeen will find there’s plenty of competition in Scotland as it topped the league table for the number of creative SMEs in the area.

The most recent Small Business Outlook report has been published by the Centre for Cities after examining how smaller firms are performing in a number of central locations across the UK.

Topping the tables

The report interestingly found that those cities with the highest number of small firms in digital, professional and creative sectors are the most successful locations in terms of graduate job growth, salaries and productivity levels.

Aberdeen was found to have topped the league table for this year, with Edinburgh also making the top ten.

While the report found that there has been an increase in the number of “new work” SMEs in the past few years, the survey also revealed that these firms have a huge impact on the wider city economy, simply by their rise in demand and creation of jobs in other industries, such as retail and leisure.

Meanwhile, seven of the top ten cities for creative businesses can also be found in the top ten list in terms of average earnings and productivity – while five of these cities are also in the top ten for highest job growth.

Jobs growth in SMEs

Alexandra Jones, Chief Executive for Centre for Cities, commented that in the past few years the number of small firms that have taken advantage of technological advances have had a huge impact on the increase in job growth, productivity and wages in UK cities.

Jason Eatock, Head of SME at Zurich said that this latest report has revealed “fascinating” results into the development of one of the most exciting sectors in the country.

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