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Leadership 2.0 – Leading in a Changing Landscape

For several years, we have run our businesses in periods of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). This term, introduced by US army students after the cold war, is widely accepted as the way we have come to characterise the current environment, and the leadership style required to navigate it successfully.

Never more than now has there been a requirement for leaders to step up and face unpredictable events. The role of a leader is being challenged like never before, and decision makers are being forced to change their way of leading. Too absorbed by immediate concerns to think strategically about the forces of disruption and innovation shaping our future, decisions are being made in a traditional way, through linear and non-disruptive thinking.

As a leader, you must focus to understand the accountability you hold to be an effective leader in this changing landscape, and how true acts of leadership will be measured by the lasting impact on others, and not just performance results alone.

As experts in behavioural change and leadership development, Discovery, in partnership with RS Group, have created the Strategic Leaders Programme.

The programme has been designed to enhance your ability to inspire, nurture and guide your teams to achieve the ultimate purpose in business – people helping other people to solve problems, and cascade that change throughout your teams and the wider business.

How we will achieve great results together

Throughout the programme you will be exposed to high impact and high intensity workshops, reflections and masterclasses.

Discovery will deliver your training using a three-pronged approach. This means learning by:

1. Assimilating small ‘chunks’ of knowledge (e.g. a theory or practice).

This will prevent you from being overloaded with lots of information all at once.

2. Trying the theory out in practice, but in a safe environment.

We all learn by doing.  As this is an experiential programme there will be plenty of opportunities to try the theory out first, without the fear of getting it wrong. This establishes a confidence to try it out in real life. It provides an opportunity to experience the theory first hand and then reflect and review it.  It will stretch and challenge you as a leader, but in a good way!

3. Developing the new skill through real life experiences and opportunities.

Through real life examples and simulated business activities you will have the chance to put your new skills into practice in a live, work environment, improving through feedback. Practice is crucial in order to cement the new learning. “Practice makes permanent”.

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Expected outcomes

As a result of your commitment to the Strategic Leaders Programme, you and your business will experience:

– Enhanced inter-personal capability

– Improved results in people and performance

– More accountability and increased engagement across teams

– A framework for success that cascades through the business

– Sustainable change beyond your tenure

– Embedded learning in teams – learning seen as a solution to solving problems

– Tools to maintain excellence – establishing habits

– Work based interventions to bring the learning to life and in real-time

– Developing your own identity as a leader

– Understanding core content and how to access information

– Understanding context – how to use content for your communities (team, colleagues, customers, families, friends)

Programme Dates


Training Location

Ipsley Court

Berrington Court



B98 0TJ

We have plenty of on-site parking, please park in any spaces marked “IC”.

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Suggested Accommodation (to book through your internal travel system, Egencia)

The Abbey Hotel, Hither Green Ln, Redditch, B98 9BE

Premier Inn, Bordesley Ln, Alvechurch Hwy, Redditch B97 6AQ

Marston’s Inn, Dagnell End Rd, Redditch B98 9BJ

If you require further information about the programme or accommodation please contact a member of the Discovery team on 0121 665 4060.