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Leadership behaviours are at the heart of a business. 

As part of their commitment to your future, EssilorLuxottica are offering you the chance to enrol on Discovery’s apprenticeship programmes, designed to develop leadership skills.

Our programmes are designed to be fun, challenging and memorable! Using blended learning, we will work with you to strengthen your leadership toolkit, advance your unique areas of development, and stimulate your strategic and commercial thinking.

Using a combination of classroom based learning, 1-2-1 coaching and Off the Job training, everything you learn will be relevant and transferable to your individual roles.

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Who is Discovery?

The Discovery Team has been designing and delivering development programmes for organisations across the UK for over 20 years’. We have worked with businesses across all sectors, including: engineering, FMCG and technically oriented workforces.

We are an approved training organisation for the Institute of Sales Professionals, an Institute of Leadership and Management approved training centre, active members of the Institute of Student Employers, and approved to deliver apprenticeships by the Institute for Apprenticeships.

During our programmes, you will experience:

A group induction to on-board you to the programme
Blended learning through virtual, experiential & classroom sessions
Taking part in real-world scenarios and business simulations
1-2-1 support and coaching throughout the programme
Self-development through online learning and webinars
Opportunities to build upon your learnings back in the workplace

What your colleagues have to say…

We spoke to some of your colleagues, who are currently undertaking their learning journey. You can listen to some of their experiences on the video below.

The Discovery Leadership Programmes

Our programmes are tailored to suit each individual learner. Every programme is aligned to the Apprenticeship Standards, meaning you will gain either a Level 3 or Level 5 certificate upon completion of the programmes. 

Outcomes of these programmes include:

  • Organisational Performance – delivering results
  • Interpersonal Excellence – managing people and developing relationships
  • Personal Effectiveness – managing yourself
  • Behavioural Impact – the perceptions and effects of behaviour


The Aspiring Leaders Programme is perfect for aspirational talent who are looking to move into managing departmental or project teams as part of their career progression. The programme focuses on developing and stretching individuals. It is perfect for both seasoned professionals developing into leadership, and also early career talent looking to kickstart their career.


The programme is a catalyst for change. With a better understanding of yourself you will learn to inspire and lead others, gaining skills and knowledge to develop exceptional leadership capability, and advance your career.

Aligned to the Operations/Departmental Manager Level 5 apprenticeship standard, the ‘Emerging Leaders’ programme is designed to provide high-potential, future leaders with the skills, knowledge and behaviours that will stretch you and help you to reach your full potential.


The programmes are perfect for those in, or just starting in, leadership and management roles. This programme will provide you with essential knowledge, skills & insight to directly improve your effectiveness as a leader. The Empowered Leaders Programme is designed to develop those who manage already.

The programme enables you to develop your skills and capability so that you can be a key driver in their own success, as well as guiding others to succeed, develop and reach their own potential.


How do apprenticeships work?

Apprenticeships are an amazing way of developing yourself. Our programmes are aligned to apprenticeship standards, but we go beyond the standards to make sure you will gain life-defining change.

Traditional Apprenticeships have changed – they’re now a great development tool for every level of seniority. 

From your initial induction day right through to the end of the qualification, our certified coaches will support you through a range of methods (including 121 coaching sessions) to really get to the core of your development areas, as an individual. Our approach is interactive, hands-on, practical and fun! Through blended learning, we use classroom sessions to explore theory, and experiential activities and ‘learning in action’ to let you put the theory into practice.

What is off-the-job training?

As part of an apprenticeship, learners will need to spend 20% of their working week completing off-the-job learning. Off-the-job learning is time spent on learning & development outside of a learner’s normal working duties, but during their normal working hours.

This is essentially time that is put aside for you to focus on improving or learning new areas of knowledge, skills and behaviours back in the business.

Off-the-job learning is hugely beneficial! It can be very easy to attend a training programme, learn lots and then return to ‘business as usual’ afterwards. Setting aside 20% of a working week encourages you to keep developing yourselves as professionals. This time also gives you the opportunity to actually put learning into action back in your business.

Some examples of Off the Job Training are: Individual study or reflection time, attending webinars and online events, roleplay or workplace stimulations, mentoring/shadowing a colleague and many more. 

How long do the programmes last?

Your learning will take place over 12 months for our Level 3 Programme, or 18 months for our Level 5 programmes. There will also be an additional 4 months on top of the duration of your learning. This time will be used to complete your End Point Assessment.

Where is the training based?

Your training workshops will be hosted at the Discovery training centre, in Redditch. More details will be sent to you about this in due course. 

Will I have accommodation, and when should I arrive?

Yes, your accommodation will be booked ahead of your arrival. You will be able to check in the evening before your first day of training. 

Watch the EssilorLuxottica Engagement Session here:

On Monday 11th April 2022, the team at Discovery hosted a virtual engagement session for you and your line managers. If you could not attend the live session, please find the recording below.

On this recording, Discovery’s Director of Programmes and Apprenticeship Learning, Raj Babber, explains what this fantastic journey will mean to you. This includes the importance of your own commitment, achievement and support throughout the programme, as well as discussing how to hold yourself accountable for the overall learning experience.

Here, you can find a copy of the slides used in the Engagement Session. 

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Are you ready to take control of your future to reach your full potential? Let’s get started…

If you are interested in joining one of our programmes, please fill in the form at the top of the page. We will pass over any information to your internal Learning and Development manager.

We look forward to joining you on your learning journey!