Delivering Effective Feedback

Wednesday 26th October, 12:30pm, 15 Minute Webinar

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Effective and honest feedback is one of the most powerful ways you can positively influence your team as a leader.

Despite what you might believe, effective feedback doesn’t always have to be positive. According to a Harvard Business Review report, 92% of people agree that negative feedback, if delivered appropriately, is successful at improving performance.

So how can we ensure we deliver constructive feedback in a way that is helpful to the individual?

This 15-minute webinar will help you understand why feedback is integral to developing your people, and provide you with the tools to deliver effective feedback in the most constructive way possible.

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Wednesday 26th September



15 Minutes

Ben Johnson
Presented by Ben Johnson
Learning and Development Manager

Working in the Learning and Development Industry since 2012, Ben is Discovery’s Learning and Development Manager. Ben is on hand to provide 1-2-1 coaching sessions to further their personal development, as well as being their key point of contact throughout their time on programme. Ben has assisted our delegates to achieve a 100% Pass Rate across all our training programmes.

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