The Power of Coaching

Tuesday 17th May, 11am, 15 Minute Webinar

Did you know… there is a 529% return on investment from executive coaching?

Numerous people indicate that coaching has had a significant impact on their careers and personal lives. Coaching helps to enable you to become more resilient, communicate more effectively, work more productively, and take directed action to work towards your goals. 

In 15 minutes, you will learn:
1) How coaching can improve your team’s productivity, as well as retention
2) How coaching can help build sustainable, long term change
3) How coaching works alongside continuous learning

*Fingerprint for Success:

Tuesday 17th May



15 Minutes

Andy Reader Headshot
Presented by Andy Reader
Lead Facilitator and Coach

Andy is a highly experienced, pragmatic and creative L & D professional with over 20 years of expertise across a broad spectrum of delivery media including face to face and virtual delivery, coaching, mentoring, assessment centres and psychometrics. Andy is extremely adept at tailoring his approach to his ‘audience’ having worked at all levels from senior executive to shop floor and across a variety of disciplines including Leadership & Management, and Sales.

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