Improve your team’s performance
(and secure maximum funding!)

Wednesday 25th May, 10:45am, 15 Minute Webinar

As an SME, you have access to the apprenticeship levy. Many businesses have discovered that apprenticeships are a cost-effective way to upskill your workforce, and develop the future leaders of your business. You will only have to fund 5% of the cost of teaching and evaluating an apprentice. The rest will be paid by the government up to the maximum funding band.

In 15 minutes, you will learn:

1) What the apprenticeship levy is, and how SMEs can utilise it

2) How learning and development will help to build sustainable, long-term change across your organisation

3) How upskilling will solve some of your other labour issues

Wednesday 25th May



15 Minutes

Presented by Raj Babber
Director of Programmes and Apprenticeship Learning

As Discovery’s Director of Programmes and Apprenticeship Learning, Raj has a wealth of knowledge and experience around apprenticeships and the Apprenticeship Levy. With over 12 years in the L&D, training and apprenticeship world, she understands the importance of ensuring programmes bring together creativity and practicality to ensure compliance with the Apprenticeship standard, whilst still giving delegates an enjoyable and challenging experience. Raj has a whole host of relevant qualifications under her belt, in areas including Internal Quality Assurance, Advice and Guidance, Health and Safety, Teaching & Facilitating, and she is an A1 Assessor.

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