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Introduction to Learning

As we progress our careers, we all need to continue developing professionally, but we don’t all need to develop in the same way. Aligned to the company’s strategic ambitions, the Flowtech Talent Centres are, in effect, your start of learning.

They are designed to highlight the skills you already have as well as identifying how you can be better in the future in line with an organisational strategy. At the core of this process is the ability to identify the right development for you that will benefit you in your day-to-day role, improve results & well-being, and ensure you have a fulfilling career.


Have you ever wondered how good you are in your role in the context of what great looks like? Do you even know what great should look like?

As we start this journey with you, we will give you plenty of opportunities for self-reflection, start to contextualise & identify all the things you are doing really well and, help you understand areas of development, that are unique to you. The path of discovery is always an exciting one…

What is a Talent Centre?

Rarely in our busy jobs do we have the time to truly reflect on what is working well. The whole development centre process is all about you.

Simply put a Talent Centre (or often referred to as a development centre) is a snapshot of all the things you do everyday in your role, demonstrated through a series of group and individual activities that are aligned to a benchmark to support an organisations’ success, combined with observations and valuable feedback.

There is nothing to catch you out, there is no pass or fail. It is an exciting platform to showcase your talents.

All the activities provide ample opportunity to demonstrate your skills & knowledge in the context of the part you play in the success of the business.

Brian Herbert Quote

There is no such thing as failure…. only feedback!

The output of the development centre will form part of your personal development plans and the start of your journey.

You will receive valuable feedback, unique to you, of how you like to operate, what is going really well, and areas of development that, through training programmes, masterclasses and coaching, Flowtech are committed to supporting you to be the best possible version of yourself that you can be.

Should I be nervous?

Whenever we are placed in unfamiliar surroundings it’s perfectly OK to feel nervous or apprehensive, that’s expected. Many of your colleagues have participated in these centres over the years may have felt exactly the same way, but each of them will share with you their journeys, and how the opportunity to hold a mirror up has helped them progress their careers.

What happens next?

Prior to your chosen centre date you will be invited to complete a Parallax behavioural profile that identifies your behavioural preferences, together with a short exercise which determines your preferred learning styles. None of us learn in exactly the same way.

Alongside this, your L&D team will coordinate which centre you will be invited to participate in.

Typically within a week or so of your centre we will invite you to a feedback session where you will get the opportunity to reflect and review and start the process of building your development plans going forwards.