Executive Recruitment

Finding your most critical players

The right leaders are critical for your business’ success.

Find the leaders you need to inspire your workforce and drive your business towards its goals.


Missing key players makes meeting your goals even harder; get the right people in place to support your business.


The right leaders inspire others; find the senior employees you need to positively impact on your workforce.


Without the right leadership, businesses will stagnate or under perform. Recruit key employees to drive your business forward.


Businesses don’t stand still: hire the people who will secure a positive future for your business and face challenges head on.

Get a better workforce in 3 steps…

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1. Schedule a briefing call to understand your succession plan requirements.

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2. After we have identified, assessed (for capability, suitability and stretch) we present a final shortlist for selection via a rigorous & bespoke assessment centre.

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3. Welcoming and on-boarding your new recruits that will drive your business forward.

Get to the core of your candidates


Getting it wrong at this level is incredibly costly – reduce the risk by seeing how candidates perform first-hand.

The right fit

A senior hire is a critical piece of your business puzzle; ensure you find the right fit for your business, workforce and goals.


If you already know who you’re looking for, we’ll help you to approach and attract the talent you require.

Identify behaviours

Identify leaders with behaviours that are congruent with your business & can inspire others.

Identify capability

Find a leader with the capability to contribute to your business’ success from the beginning.


Gain confidence that your senior hire will align with your business’ strategy and future goals.

Are you ready to improve your workforce?

Client Testimonial

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

It feels like a genuine partnership when you work together, which I know is a cliché, but I feel that passion that we want to get the right outcome and so does everyone at Discovery.

As an example, we did some assessment centres as part of the executive recruitment that we did, and it’s quite unusual to use an assessment centre in a executive recruitment process, but it worked fantastically well and it was incredible the amount of detail that you found out about the candidates.

Andrew Jackson

CEO at Intercity Technology

The Discovery ‘Way’

Use a joined up approach through Diagnostics, Recruitment & Training to build a better workforce.


Before taking action, take the time to understand how you need to build your workforce to reach your business’ goals and reduce wasted spends.


Get the right people in your business with the behaviours, stretch and capability that will ensure your business succeeds.


Business doesn’t stand still: develop your employees to increase their capability, prepare them for future roles & future-proof your workforce.

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